On our last day of surgery we got an early start. Dr. Seremetis arrived early to start a hypospadius that was bumped from the day before. We’re trying to get at many cases done as possible but time and supplies are limited at this point. Patients have done well after surgery. Pain medications and fluids are helping for good initial outcomes allowing most patients to recover well and be discharged quickly. While the team is tired there is an energy reserve since this is our last day to help people. We’ll push through and do as much as we can with the time we have.

In total the team performed 61 cases. Dr. Sanchez considered it the A-team from Dell Children’s because everyone is highly skilled, motivated, hard-working and in sync. Having a team that is familiar and responsive makes the operating and recovery rooms run efficiently and attentively. When a team runs smoothly, the cases get done without staff burnout or errors.

Dr. Porter observed that it is amazing how two teams can mesh together so well to get so much done. The Moore Center has a great place but needs surgeons and our surgical team is willing to help and in need of a quality environment. Because of the exceptional nature of the surgery center, our team was able to outperform its expectations. And it is extremely important that the Moore Center will follow-up with patients after we leave and continue patient care.

Our team couldn’t have done it without the staff and volunteers at the Moore Center. We have to give a big thanks to the physicians, residents, nurses, translators, and drivers that supported our team every day. The Shalom Foundation has created a wonderful environment for patients and surgical teams and we look forward to returning next October.

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